Repartition of camps in France:
-camps for jews only
-camps with mixed prisoners
-camps for collecting before deportation
-demarcation line
-concentration camps
-camps for tziganes
the camp of Drancy was a transit camp

first under the control of the french police
1939-1940: first communists were confined
then english prisoners of war
from august 1941: confinement of jews

16-17 of july 1942: The great read of the Vel'd'Hiv
more than 12800 jews
( 3031 men, 5802 women,4051 children)
were transfert to the Vel'd'Hiv)
all of them were transported to Auschwitz

then, in july 1943: Aloïs Brunner(*) and the SS took over
the control of the camp
(*): see link : belated trial
rafle du Vel'd'hiv
(Velodrome d'hiver)
16-17 juillet 1942
The Great Raid of
the "Vel'd'Hiv"
(winter velodrome:
stadium in Paris for
bike races)
16-17 july 1942
3 views of Drancy (outskirts-north of Paris)
the third one of theses photos was made by a nazi reporter who wanted to prove that the prisoners were not mistreated and in good health
see also below
everyday life -washing up the dishes waiting for what ?...
nobody knew exactly..
once upon a murky time armistice anti jewish statutes signatories
how to recognize jews Vel'd'Hiv-Drancy militia belated trials